Monday, July 31, 2017

The refit work and updates never stop...

This is what it's like owning an older RV (heck, I bet this is like owning a new one except those folks will never fess up about it!). Always projects and updates to keep up with the old stuff and making sure things are in working order.

The list isn't that bad: 1) fix some original skylights that no one wanted to deal with except with duct tape; 2) check out the Dometic fridge that was working but now seems to be more particular with how it works; 3) trouble shoot an apparently-related issue with the ONAN gen set with the switching and starter; 4) fix other leaks and clean up all the moss trying to establish a foothold on the LH2!5) and lets not forget the new potty!!!

Let's all check out the new skylights on the roof!! No more duct taped ones or totally missing plumbing vents here!

A typical existing skylight complete with poor foam gasket, taped shut and busted parts. The entire rim was curled up off the roof!

Work in progress for the ONAN genset, battery bank and other rear bits. It pays to do regular maintenance on this stuff.

Picture showing the new potty in the bathroom. Guess we'll keep the shag carpet for now. Nice on the bare feet.

Dometic gas burner in action after lots of cleaning and checking of connections. Still, the thermocouple (copper tube just above flame) has been ordered so it's now started to work again....
Lot's of projects but none at this point that are crazy or big enough to halt the progress. I can't believe I'm saying this but after getting used to the nightmare of the LH1 ('77 Tioga) I have to say that this rig is a lot better to work on. Most of the projects are just trying to get this to run completely as new or add some conveniences to our trips. Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dog Days of August: making family memories!

With the Allegro making it to and back from Association Island we have planned two more trips in August on the weekends. One is to Watkins Glen (keeping to NYS and working the bugs out on shorter trips) and the other is to Herkimer. Here are a few pics of Watkins KOA.

This place should be a blast if the weather holds out. We like the KOA spots because at least most try and provide some activities for the kids so we don't have to keep driving the Class A around or have a toad to get us around. Should be great fun!

The next series of pics is of Herkimer KOA and the "diamond" mines there. Hey, at least the kids can have fun learning about geology and find some cool quartz minerals! Just hide the educational value like you do when you sneak vegetables in the spaghetti sauce and meatballs!

I've got some more work to do on the Allegro. I've bought a new potty, water pump and other bits to get the plumbing systems working as they should. Hoping to get that all installed this weekend and tested before we go on our next trip! More later about the glitchy Dometic fridge on the next post. I did manage to rip off the old Solid State TV antenna and patch that leaky spot. More later!