Friday, December 3, 2021

I'm Going Away.....

 Hello to anyone reading this post! It's been quite the year on UToob with so many videos and adventures despite the pandemic stuff. Fixing things, planning trips, changing my career......wha?? As of the end of September I signed off as County Planner and took on a new job (albeit remotely) as a City Development Review Supervisor in another state no less!! The in office work begins in January 2022 so I've reserved an RV park site near my place of work and will be living out of the RV for at least 2 months while we get our bearings and figure out where we are going to live. 

check out the UToob video of my scouting trip and first in-person visit to my new job here:

Lots to do before heading down and setting up camp!!

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Goodbye 2020....Hello 2021!

Welcome to 2021! After so much crazy these last 9 months just about everyone is looking forward to a new year. We managed to get at least one road trip to the Myrtle Beach KOA in February before all this happened Myrtle Beach Trip: Part 1 of 2    

Despite a minor transmission issue we knew could happen ( and the driver forgot to put the parts in the glove box...) so Valentine's Day morning was spent waiting for the repair shop to help us out....

It was a bit cool down there but the place wasn't crowded! Myrtle Beach Trip: Part 2 of 2

Some things we'd like to do this year:

1) Travel out West! We've done the repeated I-95 trips to the south and while the Cape Hatteras trip is one the kids DO want to do because we did it in the LH1 the died in FL and the KOA there was really cool. 

2) Get the dashboard monitor and other electronic bits installed. 

3) Replace the old hot water heater and upgrade the plumbing.

4) Have a somewhat uneventful trip with regards to break-downs or other RV drama.

 Some destinations the kids are asking about are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Route 66...I don't think we'll be making it all the way to the West Coast until we get more confident regarding the electrical ghosts and stuff like that.


Happy, Safe and Healthy RV'ing Folks!!