Tuesday, November 21, 2017

From Fall into Winter! Planning the fixin' projects and other stuff for 2018.....

Hello All! Just a quick post to let you know you can trace down my old blog at:
VintageRV'ing: Long Hauler 1.  To see what we tried a couple of years ago with the old '77 Dodge RV. Crazy stuff there but hope we learned from it going into the LH 2 this and next year! Our oldest son will be spending his last Summer prior to college in 2018 so this should be interesting.

So, for the next few months we'll be posting about winterizing, roof repairs and fixes (oh, you Sillycone users!) upgrades with touchscreens, GPS and warp drive....okay maybe not the last one but I can always dream about swapping out the rear diff to get into that highway cruise sweet spot at 2100-2200 rpm at 65 or so.

Here are some of the purchases to work on. A new dash console to allow for GPS, wifi and other stuff while we are on the road and camping. Now to find a swivel case that will mount on the dash for easy use. The kit includes a rear view camera so that will be pretty cool, too!
Not to mention changing out that rear fold-down bunk set up that our youngest sleeps in.

Stay Tuned and remember... it only costs you your time reading at the LongHauler.com!

Have a good Turkey Day! Triptophan is your friend.

Dan "TheVintageRV'er"

I'll be uploading new video on YouTube as well.

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