Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Memorial Weekend 2018: oil change on Onan....

Hello everyone!
I have only put about 20-30 hours max on the Onan since we had it but the oil has not been changed in over a year. Yep, there is a reason you don't go by miles/hours alone. Upon pulling the dipstick I could see it was low. Not dangerously low but low nonetheless.

So, pull out some 10W30 and then.... how much oil does this thing take anyway??? IDK. You would think I would remember this from the last oil change but come on!

went onto the interwebs and found the actual manual. I only have the parts lists and dealer service listing. Gotta get this downloaded somehow.
Yep, 3.5 quarts to do the job. Glad I checked!!

This is a Fram eazy off filter for a BMW 325i from the eighties. Perfect fit. $6.

New oil in the genset! Nice and clear as compared to the black sludgy oil drained out. Not 30 hours on the genset but time takes it's toll.

Yikes!!! Only about 2 quarts drained out on this change. Good thing I had new oil and filter. Will have to keep an eye on the oil consumption. Manual says, "check daily" no kidding....

In any case, 3.5 quarts did the job. Full up and filter, too. I use filters for a E30 BMW (the  6 cylinder M20B25 engine) and this fits PERFECT. So this should mean I'm all set for this Summer's trips around the area! Glad so much as come together and systems not working at all for years are now sorted out and ready to go. Thanks for reading!!

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