Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Months later in 2019 and a Long delayed trip....

The Summer of 2019 has just about ended and we've had little opportunity to take the LH2 out for a trip this season. What with the carburetor issue, now mostly resolved so she's running well but maybe not at top form as she could be, and some other minor stuff to deal with; we are ready to head out-of-country this time! Or so we think. video of that effort on the re-install of the rebuilt carb is below:

It will be interesting to see how the MPG improves on this trip vs. the big road trip of the holiday season. Remember we got about 6.7 mpg on the Florida trip including the daily driving to and from the parks that time and running the generator pretty much the entire time to keep the fridge, a/c and tv going.

One of the latest upgrades was to redo the marker lights and correct for some uninstalled side signal lights as well as tweaking the shift indicator switch I had to swap out in FL because of a no-start issue on the road that panicked the DW and me, too!

Video of this marker light work can be seen on this link:

I've been focusing on the YouTube channel much more over the past few months and nearly forgot about the blogsite, so my apologies for those looking for new posts here. It's been far too long but as a lame excuse, we haven't taken a trip in the LH2 since the last trip blog.....

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