Saturday, August 26, 2017

Prepping for the Labor Day Weekend

Now that the LH2 is back in it's home port I'm working on some maintenance items that may have been put off by the PO. No one likes fooling with the transmission so of course I decided to change the filter and oil today. While I'm at it, due to suffering from Shipfitter's disease, I'm stripping and repainting the transmission pan orange to match the Allegro paint scheme and allow me to see if there are leaks.

Well the pan went back on and I've put 5 quarts of ATF back in and she's right up to the "hot" mark on the dipstick!
This was the pan with the old cork gasket. The pan had that grey-black sludge in it from being on the RV for 30 years and the magnet had a good coating of that same sludge with some very small metal shavings (not too many!). I cleaned it all out and prepped for painting.

Here is a pic of the cleaned up pan in Allegro Orange. It was the only color I had bright enough to detect leaks.

The installation shot with new ATF put in! Had to get the new shocks in the pic as well.
We have a full tank of gas and are ready to hit the road for Labor Day. Well, maybe not before I remove the damaged second muffler for the ONAN and fix some of the wiring on that generator.....
There's always tomorrow.

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