Sunday, August 6, 2017

When Little Projects Grow UP.....

The potty swap turned into a complete rebuild of the floor. Yep, 30 years of small leaks and not even the wastewater! The plywood floor was shot and since I was in there I might as well replace it!
The Long Hauler 2 in the driveway, getting some attention for our next trip!
 The pictures will be in reverse order from finished product to the ugly ripping out of the floor. The Allegros still had aluminum sheathing on the underside of the plywood floors!! Holy cow! That really saves these old RV's from the weathering and rot that occurs
I took this and it looks like the wood floor already has water damage. The grain and color is a bit different but I have to say the pre-finished oak flooring was just the ticket for this renovation!
 With the removal of the old 1/2" plywood (yes, it was only 1/2" and not 3/4" like I've seen on other RV's) the approach was to get the new flange in the right height to mount it on the floor. I was surprised after ripping out the old flange and floor to find that the new one was so much higher than the old one.
the back cut needed to fit the last piece in the floor.
 There is the last strip to fit on the end. It's an old carpenters trick to get the last part of the wood floor down and as close to the wall as you can.

 After getting up all the rotted plywood I used the shop vac to get all the small bits out. I used another trick for counter top installers and used a large sheet of paper ( I have 36" wide rolls) to create a template to cut the new plywood to the exact shape. Worked like a charm!

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