Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Doing the weekly start-up!

With the onset of cold weather and not traveling due to kids in school I've been trying to keep the RV in shape with regular start-ups. If I wait more than a week, the battery is not strong enough to start her. That's not right. In any case, I have my two Toyotas parked up so close for a potential jump start that they look like pups nursing up to Momma in the front yard. Bet my neighbor across the street is just pitching fits about all the vehicles in her view. Working on it!
The Toyota's suckling up to the Allegro on a cold December evening.....

I did get the RV started and the amp meter sat at zero amps until some groaning stopped from the belts and alternator, then it climbed into the positive territory to charge. Guessing new belts are in order.... Onan genset started right up with a couple of smacks on the control panel and then hitting the start switch in the back.
Must be cold. Oil pressure is still high, temp is cold and thank goodness the amps are up a bit. 40 gallons left in the tank.

Keep reading and you'll see some further upgrades in the next month before spring. Have to keep moving on and up with this RV! Trips to PA and OH are on the schedule for 2018!
Vacuum good, temps down and RPMs nice and low.

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