Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Oh, that's why.... vintage vs. new class A RV's

Those of us hooked, stuck, addicted to classic RV's have many reasons for keeping our old RV's and not trading them in for new versions which should be arguably better than the decades-old versions we keep. I mean, how can the new ones not be better than ours???? Reliability, amenities, efficiency, ease of use.. cost? (HA!). these should all be so much better than a 30+ RV right? Maybe not so much.

I've been to Camping Worlds and their RV sales locations and I have to say that not much beats my Class A 1987 Allegro that sleeps 6. Let us compare. Now, to be realistic we should understand that there are inherent risks with owning an older RV: upkeep, repairs, ageing components, etc. But when you factor this with the costs of buying a new RV the risks seem a bit overblown.

We bought the LH2 for $2300. How can anyone complain about getting a Class A that sleeps 6, kitchen, refrigerator, generator, bathroom, shower, running engine and drive train, no roof leaks, awesome 1980's pink shag and velour seating, curtains??? Let's not even mention the fantastic off white, brown and orange paint scheme on the aluminum panels! It's so angular is "tubular"!!

Here are some examples of stuff out there for sale as "new" Class A RV's about the same size and I'm shocked at what gets sacrificed for a slide out with a queen bed. Guess some of these are empty-nester type RV's with no kids to take along.



You know, I'll think I will stick with my $2300 angled brick of an RV. Somehow mine has a bit more personality than these RV's...

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Oh yeah, have a Happy Hanukah as well.

Here's my Christmas Eve
start up video on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNGyV_ywcEY

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