Thursday, January 3, 2019

We Made It!! Road Trip 2.0 Recap!

Alrighty Folks! We pulled into the home base this late afternoon, just about on schedule and a day early to boot! I'll be crunching all the numbers to right now the basics are this:

Total miles logged: 3,243.4 miles.
Total gallons of gas consumed: 495.8
Average MPG: 6.54

That's about 10 days in a really nice hotel for one room and we normally need two rooms for the entire family so this actually worked out. Not as well as I'd like it to be but that is for another upgrade project.

Two options going forward are the Gear Vendor's overdrive unit and/or a retrofit EFI unit to replace the carb. Each and both are being looked into.

We arrived in FL at our KOA and set out over the next two days to see EPCOT and Universal in marathon days of walking and ride taking. So much walking and waiting at the rides. Ticket prices were insane but they get people like us to pay...

This ride averaged 50 mins wait. Too much for the crew after a long day at EPCOT. Guess we'll never know what tomorrow will be like....

View of one of the EPCOT lakes before we make our tour of the countries.

Universal the next day. Harry Potter world in Daigon Alley.

Gringott's Bank with the dragon strapped to the top. Where is PETA when you need them??

Now, here are some pics of the trip back home with some descriptions for each. The walking tour of the St. Augustine Colonial Quarter was interesting. St. George Street and the "original" city area was great to walk through and experience. The kids got to walk all around the fort but couldn't get inside because of the govt shutdown but still it was pretty cool.

We decided after heading down to the outlaws for a visit that we would squeeze in one last mini-vacation stop before doing the big drive up the east coast back home. That was St. Augustine for New Years and I have to thank the folks at the St. Augustine KOA for making that happen on such short notice. We wound up with 2 nights there at an event that some told me they reserved 6 months in advance. Dumb luck or just redemption for the bad events of 2015 but I'll take it....

This is just part of the 30 plus minute fireworks/ music show at the 16th Street pier around 8:30 pm. Great crowd and lots of vendors there to feed you. There were bounce houses for the kids but don't expect a full carnival setup with rides. Still good to get to with buses provided by the city from local parking areas and malls. Glad to have experienced it first-hand for 2019. A really good way to come back from being stranded in a broken RV in 2015 I can tell you! The City really kept the peace with a good law enforcement presence and making sure everyone knew what was OK and not.

The trip back north after that consisted of a 11 hour drive up as far north as we could until we parked overnite at a Pilot truck stop north of Rocky Mount NC then headed to see family MD. Over-nighting there and then the 7 hour drive back home.

Glad to have worked out the remaining bugs in the RV and see how she runs over 3K miles and 2 weeks of travel.

Now we will have to plan another road trip out West! Happy Vintage RV'ing everyone! Stay tuned and be safe out there!

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