Sunday, December 30, 2018

Heading back North: squeezing in a mini New-Year's vaca....

Hello everyone! We're on our way back from the outlaws and are working our way north from Florida back up the east coast. We decided to try and make a short stop in St. Augustine for New Years. The folks at the St. Augustine KOA were really cool in helping us find a spot to camp on such short notice. 

Just a quick pic at one of two fast food stops before heading into St. Augustine. Heaven forbid we just skip the burger and fries!
We made it to another KOA! Carburetor issues seem to be the main focus of the day... both on the Onan and the 454.
 On the road up from south Florida we experienced the same surging of the engine while cruising on the highway. At the same time, the Onan was continually shutting down so I pulled into a rest area to adjust the Onan's carb and on the way back onto the highway the engine nearly conked out from all the hesitation and backfiring. Nearly all at once, the exhaust barked out a couple of times and she came to life. Drove very well and the vacuum gauge showed a jump of at least 5-6 pounds from what we were getting prior to the blow out. My last math showed we also got about 7.5 mpg compared to the dismal 5.3 mpg on the way down with the carb issues not resolved.

Typical lineup of campers and RV's when we visit. We're the oldest rig in the place.

The beach at St. Augustine near the KOA was just a 3/4 mile walk away. Great day at the end of the year to hit the beach. 80F degrees out and the water was pretty chilly! New Years Festival on the pier tomorrow evening.
 Hope everyone had a good Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Years in 2019! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out the videos on the YouTube channel under The Vintage RV'er.

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