Thursday, February 20, 2020

The RV Laundry List: What do you fix on your RV?

The last Road Trip to Myrtle Beach (a 1600 mile round trip, by the way) helped sort out some issues on the RV. Some of which are:

1) Vibration due to tire noise and imbalance.
2) Removal of washer hoses for wipers by PO
3) Running the 454 engine at 3K+ for the trip to keep at highway speeds.

Those are the major issues we encountered on our last trip. The first one is going to be mitigated by a company called Centramatic. This company builds dynamic balancing rings that fit on the tire hubs and counteract the imbalance of the tires at all times.

Their website can be found here:
I bought two sets, one for the front steering wheels and one for the drive wheels. We shall see how it improves the ride. Any reduction in vibration during our trips will be welcome.

The second issue will have to be dealt with by getting new hoses and nozzles for the wipers. The pump and tank are sitting under the hood, awaiting reconnection. Based on the this last trip with the salt and spray build-up on the windshield, I can't wait for a fix.

The last issue has been a matter of debate. Do you pay 3K for a Gear Vendors unit to get you overdrive and some mid gears you don't really need? Do you pay 2K for an R700 4 speed tranny to get overdrive and different gears for the shifts? Or, do you decide to get new rear end gears without disturbing RV owners and have a shop slip in the new 3.73 gears to replace the 4.10 ones you have now and drop  cruising rpm by 300-400 rpm?
This may require both. I've ordered the dynamic balancers and am working on a shop that will do the read end swap. Stay tuned!

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