Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Wintertime RV tasks

It's winter for all intents and purposes here in Western NY. For RV's that means checking out systems, keeping batteries topped up and making sure that all the things that work in above-freezing temps are protected for the next camping season.

Check out my UTube channel for all the latest videos of me attempting to keep the rig in good shape while working 2 jobs.

Here: The Vintage RV'er Channel

After a close call with the better-half deciding that it would be best to sell the Long Hauler, we've decided to plan some extra trips with the kids and really just kick back and enjoy the experience (okay, the "experience" has been mechanical break-downs, leaving the last RV in Floriday and driving back in a rented van....)  so we have come PTSD issues to work out each time we head out on the road.

The next trip is back to one of our old stomping grounds during the ill-fated road trip with the LH1. Myrtle Beach.

Here's the map:
2020 Trip Map to Myrtle Beach

I'm checking off items on my to-do list such as re-clamping the sway bar link (done!), changing the oil (will do tomorrow am....) and other stuff to make sure the experience is as drama-free as possible.

Good night all! Happy and Safe RV'ing!

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