Sunday, March 1, 2020

What's that Sound? Everybody look what's going down!

What's going down? My tire wear, that's what going down! I finally committed to buying a set of Centramatic dynamic wheel balancers for the RV.

Now, what are these things? How can a ring of metal bearings balance out a tire? SCIENCE.

Dynamic Wheel Balancing

That's what I've just installed to deal with the crappy lead balancers that fell off the first trip. After a couple of long trips the noise became noticeable to me at highway speeds. Not cool. The video I've posted to YouTube shows the difference in the LH2 after installing these. No more vibrations, rattles of the stove and other items in the RV. Pretty neat!

Glad to see that this product does what it says it does! For the cost of what, 2 Cooper tires for the RV, I get several benefits for the RV. Check out the install and test drive video below!

The Long Hauler gets Centramatic Balancers!

Next projects are fixing up the electrical, wiper/washers, and rear-end gear swap to get better cruising on the highways!

Thanks for watching and to all of you out there, Happy and Safe RV'ing!

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