Thursday, April 23, 2020

That Which Shall Not Be Named.....Projects and Plans for 2020

Hey Everyone!
Been focusing on the YouTube channel for a while, getting some projects dun while told to stay home during this period in history. Luckily between my day job and my practice I've managed to stay financially afloat.

This blog had always been a way to post up photos and get some thoughts out that I hadn't done on the other channel and I'd like to keep some things here in scrapbook format vs. trying to polish up things for UTube.

Anyway, got lots of things going on now that the LH2 is effectively dry-docked so the Dometic fridge is getting a MAJOR makeover with gaskets, burners, igniters, etc. along with a redo of the enclosure that was rotting away.  This series of videos can be found at the UTube channel.

The Vintage RV'er

We managed to get a trip on Myrtle Beach, SC in February before all this COVID crap hit the fan. The videos are here and yes, we did encounter some mechanical issues but we fixed em up and kept going!! Lessons learned from past trips.

This was the trip down in mid February and the camping time down there and trip back is below:

Can't wait to get the fix-it projects done on the Long Hauler 2 so we can look forward to road trips once this lockdown is lifted.

Be Safe, Be Well and Stay Healthy!!!

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