Saturday, May 16, 2020

The Shocking Truth...

Can't let a good or bad pun go unused here.... We'll as you may have noticed from the UTube channel I crawled under the rig to trace some wires and came across a rather disturbing, shocking if you will, situation.

UTube Video of the Shocks

Turns out at some point my new KYB Air shocks busted their upper mounts right off and were just hanging around. Great. Just great. The original shocks were replaced (see my earlier posts on here) and there were no air bags. Just the leaf springs. So, with the right shocks I should have had a great ride and I did!!! I suspect that during one of the trips to the truck shop someone lifted the RV up, dropping the axle and over-extending the shocks. I never heard any noise or hit a big pothole or bump on our trips to cause this. That's my story anyway.....

So, with that going on I pulled the shocks out, re-welded the mounts (fun that was!!!) and installed new KYB shocks. Also ordered a air-bag kit but the Firestone one turns out is on BACKORDER TILL NOVEMBER!!!

Okay then! It's onto Air Lift kits then. Same as the front springs so it's somewhat fitting (HA!) that I get the same for the back.

The Air Lift 88203 kit for Chevy P30's from 1966 till about 1990. Hope to see this show up soon!!

Re-welded shock mounts. Put such a weld bead on there it should never budge! Careful not to set fire to the foam that Tiffin sprays ALL OVER the underside....
 Never a dull moment with this RV! Always a learning experience as long as it's not as extreme as the Tioga.....I'll be posting up a video for this install and the Escape from NY trip in the next week or so!

As always folks: Safe, Happy and Healthy RV'ing!!!


  1. Hey there ,been trying to post to you ,,I also have an old allegro! would love to bounce ideas back and forth ! Is my email for starts ...I’ve got a 1986 28/30 footer... would love to Chat back n forth from here in SC..Thx Dan ...Rodney Hegler

  2. Sorry if we have not connected! Email me at for any advice.