Saturday, May 16, 2020

Chasing the Ghosts in the Machine

Hello all from Lockdown Central! It's been 2 months but it seems like 4.... Well, the upgrade work and repairs continue. Had one of those facepalm moments yesterday when tracking down the 110v no-power issue. Forgot about a little grey box under the kitchen sink cabinet. Yep. Transfer switch capacitor is blown. A little part gave up and the switch won't work except on shore power. Will have to remember to check it first (and also remember where it was!!) if this happens.

See that little silver object that looks cracked open (and the clear plastic cover just above and to the right)?? Yep, blown capacitor on the transfer switch!
So, that should resolve the issue with no genset power! In the mean time I have a new 30 amp genset breaker, new main breaker, GFI outlet.....and I found out what it looks like under the back bed. Need some more sound insulation around the generator and will do that before putting the plywood deck back on.

I found one of the better deals on-line at:

With this hopefully having a fix on the way, now it's time to attempt to wrap up the other issues I've found on the RV. While I don't mind fixing old, broken stuff on the RV I DO mind having to replace stuff I replaced already!!! More about that later....

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Thanks for reading! Safe, Happy and Healthy RV'ing Everyone!

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