Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Better get some protection! RV covers.

Okay, I received the RV cover it is great. Only thing is that although I measured the RV I forgot to include the fact it has a pointed nose and rear ladder and angled back. The new RV's seem to have given up on any angled front or rear panels and this added about a foot of length onto the RV. The cover that should have worked just fine got stuck on the Allegro's angled front and left plenty of spare fabric on the front and back so I could not zipper the last corner down.

While I don't argue the sellers' product quality it does not compensate for my retro (not retro) angles and other design features when putting a cover on it. Should have ordered the larger cover but then Id have even more slack on the roof areas.

I've been shopping around a bit and found this cover for the Allegro. It's certainly low in the price range at about $130 and my hope is that it is a value purchase that helps save the RV during the off months up here in NY.

Hey, I'm fine with seeing the Allegro all through the winter parked off the side of my driveway but my neighbors may not appreciate the retro lines and color scheme of my Vintage RV. Okay, that and it would be nice to shield my magic carpet so I don't get any more repair jobs due to ice, snow and sun pounding down on her. I need to pamper the rig that hauls my family around every summer!

This cover comes from Amazon but it's a North East Harbor product. I've posted some pics of the product here with a link to the Amazon purchase site if anyone is interested.

 RV Cover that should fit P30 Allegro RV's.

I will post a video of getting on the cover by myself with a step ladder and I hope I can do it because no one else will help me! Darn phones and other streaming video devices!

Next purchase is a custom spare tire cover!!

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