Thursday, March 15, 2018

Spring should be coming.... preparing for 2018 camping season!

Lot's to do as all RV folks will tell you! Some of the projects I am posting up here and on the YouTube channel are: (gosh! A colon, so you know he's serious!!)

1) troubleshooting of the Dometic RM2800 fridge along with the freebie Dometic Americana unit with recall/ LP issues;
2) Troubleshooting on the coach battery setup and wiring;
3) troubleshooting on the rough start up and initial running on the 454;
4) troubleshooting on the RV furnace....

There seems to be a common thread with all of these....

In any case there is always something to work on and if there wasn't you'd wonder what the heck you missed! The one that has me worried the most is the electrical one with the coach battery. It's like running water going somewhere and I don't know where! I dread trying to trace wires through, under and all over to figure out what is going on.

The furnace really looks like a clean out and get it started issue since little furry friends packed the "squirrel cage" fan area full of clippings. Ironic that it's called that... The engine issue looks like a tune-up one but the extra carbon blasted out of the right side has me wondering if I need to start pulling plugs on that side to find out which cylinder is not working so well. It also feels like it's missing on one during start up. The videos I am working on... oh! I forgot my other project! The Onan genset rehash. The wiring and such on the Onan has been cobbed together for years now. Finally tired of seeing it like this. Hoping to have a donor genset soon to get this one up and running right and original.
Cracked starter solenoid that i bought a year or so ago, starter and run relays NOA, fuses cobbed from the auto shop. Time to get serious! All wires are white which helps soooo much to trace stuff to where it needs to be.... more later. Always!

UPdate: Issue #2 is a bad WalMart battery! Only testing at 6 volts so no wonder it couldn't charge right. I had an older charger on it and my new one along with my tester shows 6 volts and a fault in the battery. Guess I'm taking that one back. 


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