Monday, December 24, 2018

Road Trip 2.0: Three Days on the Road....

Hello all from Sunny Florida because we managed to make it down here! We spent Saturday heading down and overnighted in a Flying J in VA. That was a cold night! Glad to have the heater working on that night.

Second day had us heading down into SC were we stopped near Lake Santee, nice KOA there right off I-95. We had much nicer weather and the sunset was wonderful after a somewhat stressful day of stopping for gas only to have the rig do a "click, no-start" right after filling up! Nothing like turning the key and having NOTHING happen.... A battery swap, checking wires, etc. and finally she came back to life for the rest of the trip.  Needless to say, I didn't shut her down until we parked at the campground. Next morning, the same. A jump start later we were off for day three.

Second evening after that no-start. Glad to have the warmer weather and scenery....

Pulled into Apopka about 20 mins before closing time on Christmas Eve! Glad to have made it! Again, oldest rig in the place!

If you haven't read the old blog from 2015 where we wound up stranded in FL, you may not appreciate the almost PTSD reaction (would not say it was that because I don't want to insult anyone) from listening to any noise, or blip, anything that could signal a breakdown. The engine hesitation was the newest thing happening but I believe it's due to water in the gas from taking the last fuel from that one station the day before.

Hoping for better results tomorrow am! The no-start issue appears to be a worn neutral safety switch, fiddling with the gearshift appears to solve the issue. One is available nearby for pick up, so hope that a simple swap later will correct that issue.

Happy RV'ing All and Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from the Vintage RV'er! Check out the YouTube Channel for video versions of this blog.

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