Monday, December 17, 2018

T-minus 5 days and Counting! Road Trip 2.0

It's just past the middle of December and a couple of big snow events later since the November post. The snow is gone again and I've been busy getting the RV ready to go on the road.
November snowstorm. About 11 inches that day. Will be glad to have a break from Winter!

The trip plans are about the same and I'd like to avoid any really big hills on the way down. Don't know if that's going to be possible but will try.

This blog took a back seat to the YouTube channel the last couple of months, showing the repair and upgrade work being done to get the LH 2 ready to go. Furnace, genset both gave me issues that are now resolved.

Along with a fixed furnace and genset is a new set of wheel bling for the road trip! Just like the original ones!

You can watch the progress here:  TheVintageRV'er YouTube Channel

I'll be posting videos of the trip starting Saturday or Sunday (Dec 22-23) if all works as intended. Day 2 is going to be the BIG part of the trip from MD to SC but hope that's on more flat terrain. 

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