Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Week 7 of the Stay-at-Home Adventure: Some Thoughts About the Future

It's been a while and some things I have noticed are how quiet things are even in town. I just remembered that the aircraft traffic is just about at a standstill -- very much like after 9-11 if you recall. I still remember that week after, being at the south shore of Lake Ontario and seeing NO contrails at all in the sky where I was used to seeing the NY/ Toronto/ Montreal/ Chicago air traffic each day.

Strange I didn't notice that before but I guess it's because 9-11 kind of snuck up on us as a sucker punch type of event. This one is just a lingering, "here we goooooo....." one.

Work on the RV is progressing but I still have to balance doing that vs. the day job and my second job and not get too far behind on either of those. Glad to have employment because there are some folks that are unemployed and even worse, may not get their old jobs back. So for that I doubly-glad to have a job.

I've spent some of that time redoing some of my channel and came up with a basic logo for the branding below...

Kind of a primitive graphic of the top of an old RV and using the colors of my old Allegro (Orange and Brown).

I've been trying some new things on the videos on the UTube channel and found out about copyright, even if you use what you're told are royalty-free music on the channel. Will have to redo those even though I don't monetize my channel at all. Just don't like doing that to folks. Darn you Windows 10 Video Maker!!!!

 Parts for the next project I hope to get done before we head out on the next Long Haul road trip later this year. The RV has the original (still working to some extent!) Brisk-Air A/C unit on top but she's 33 years old and I can't imagine that efficient.....
 So, if we're going to go there..... Hat tip to Chris on my UTube Channel for reminding me that it's always a good idea to install one of these start capacitors on any large appliance. This buffers the start-up amperage so you don't blow a fuse or drop voltage so much you cause other issues with your RV electrical. This also helps save your appliance by delivering the maximum electrical 'punch' at start up the unit needs to get going. Cheap at about $14 to order and save an expensive appliance like the A/C.
 And where would we be without having to order the $85 internal control panel because it's not included in the purchase of the new rooftop A/C unit. That would just be crazy, wouldn't it??? I guess many who buy the new unit are doing so because the old one crapped out but come on, wouldn't offering a package install deal be a good thing? Unless you are trying to discourage DYI RV owners...
The last 'bit' is the optional heating coil unit for the Dometic A/C. Now, I have a working furnace but for about $70 I think it's worth having in the RV as the back up, don't you??

Thanks for reading. If you like to watch stuff, check out the UTube channel by looking my up as:

Dan the Vintage RV'er

As always..... Happy, Safe and Healthy RV'ing!!

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