Sunday, March 18, 2018

All systems normal (not always "go")....

This may not be a picture heavy post but one that links you to a couple of videos I've managed to cobble together on the Suburban furnace project I finally tackled. This RV had a furnace but I never even attempted to fire it up for fear that it would, well, catch on fire. With years of disuse and who-knows-what collecting in the burner, fan unit and other areas it was best to leave it be until I could tackle it this weekend. Glad to say that the result for now is a working furnace that can get the interior up to nearly 90F on a 32F day!! I still have to blow out the flex ducts but the complicated portion of getting the unit out, repaired, cleaned and installed is done.

Check out the two YouTube video links on here for how it was done. It was a collection of short video bits put together over this past weekend so I hope it makes sense and you get some benefit from it. I don't have professional video production on my channel.

I could not believe that even with just filming the critical bits I still wound up with a 22 minute video! The second part is about 14 minutes.

Have fun watching and remember all this fun is free. I  put this up here for fellow Vintage RV'ers looking to keep the older rigs running and it's worth it just getting the looks from folks as you pull into the campground! 

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