Thursday, March 29, 2018

Cleaning up the 454... the after-effect of a crank, no-start issue

So after having such a great set of fast starts on the rig she decides to toss me a crank/no-start issue. Yippee! I had replaced most of the distributor parts last year to clear up any question of start up. Now it seems that I should have done more after 1 year and 900 miles?

My #2 son and I spent an entire weekend working on this issue, removing all the top end parts to get to the carb and other smog components that may have caused issues. We did find a cracked vacuum line that we replaced  to the delight of the engine start.  We also decided that after the RV furnace project that any part that was not looking in tip-top shape should be cleaned and redone to bring it back to the condition is was in during the delivery from the factory.

 All of these pics are from the project where I cleaned off as much of the engine as I could, rust treated the metal and then repainted the engine to prevent any further rust to build up. I still cannot believe how many vacuum lines there are and pumps, belts and all such nonsense to get an engine to run. At the end of the day, I replaced half of the spark plug wires on the right side and in the process shown what else could be upgraded and repaired to improve the operation of the motorhome.

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