Thursday, March 29, 2018

Working Towards Spring.... Clean up and fixin' stuff....

I am so glad to have the Allegro's furnace rebuilt, installed and WORKING. My #2 son and I managed to blow out all the ducts and re-install them on the furnace unit. If you ever visit me on a very cold night --- go right to the bathroom. This is by FAR the warmest room in the RV. The rest of the RV heats up just fine but when you open the door to the potty room you are welcomed with a warm rush of air that rivals Swedish Saunas.... ok, not that bad but it is much warmer than the rest of the rig.

Along with this final install furnace work we decided that the press-board trim installed on the ceiling was needing replacement. Forget that this trim was double the size it was because it absorbed water and swelled up. We went to Lowe's and bought 1x2 oak trim strips to install. I had to countersink the screw holes nearly 1/2 way into the wood to get them to mount the right way but we got it dun!!
Along with the furnace and trim fixes we tackled the surface rust on the stove hood and surround by grinding all the rust off, treating with converter, and repainting the bits to seal them up for future use. The Allegro is lookin' pretty good this year! We also installed a shadow box display cabinet (look at the first photo) next to the door to store our trinkets for each camping years' worth of memories!! Then it goes into a scrapbook for the kids.

Happy Camping All in 2018!

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